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Teaching Museum


The Institute of African Studies Teaching Museum is an ethnographic museum consisting of an artifact gallery, collection storage and a flagship Asafo Company sculpture garden. As part of the academic resources of the Institute, the museum combines artifacts display and guided tours for teaching and learning. The museum affords diverse patrons including scholars, students and the public viable windows to knowledge on Africa.


The museum provides the following services and avenues:

  1. It provides teaching and learning media for programmes in African Art, Archaeology and Heritage Studies, and some UGRC courses, including UGRC-221(African Art,its Philosophy and criticism)  and UGRC-233(Our African Heritage through literature)
  2. It offers students the opportunity to handle and examine artifacts, material expressions of culture.
  3. It designs and mounts thematic exhibitions.
  4. It provides solicited cultural outreach programmes to international agencies, public and private basic schools.
  5. It provides curatorial and technical services in artifacts management and exhibitions.
  6. It collaborates with similar organizations to research, publish and showcase African cultures.

Accessing the Museum

A)   Gallery

  1. Regular Visit: The general public is allowed to visit the gallery on formal working days (Monday-Friday) between 9:00 am and 4:30 pm. No prior formal notification is required.
  2. Educational Tour: At least a week’s notice is required in writing to inform the Curator about a school’s tour of the museum. The visit should be within the formal working hours. 
  3. Teaching/Lecture Tour: At least two weeks’ formal notification is required to allow for the curating of appropriate specimens, and accordingly put together information to suit the topic or the subject of the tour.

B)   Storage/Collection:

Access to the Storage is restricted. Limited accessibility is granted to faculty and students for the purpose of teaching and research. Faculty and students should make a formal request to the Institute. At least, a month’s notice is required in writing in which the purpose for accessing the collection is clearly stated.

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