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Contemporary Journal of African Studies (CJAS)

The Contemporary Journal of African Studies (CJAS) began its life as the Research Review in 1969, and was re-branded as the CJAS in 2012.  CJAS is a peer-reviewed scholarly journal published twice a year. The Editorial Committee welcomes scholarly articles that set forth the findings of new research in any branch of African Studies, or papers that discuss and re-evaluate earlier research by others, or a combination of these approaches. The submission should be accompanied by: a) a brief biographical note giving the author’s name in the form it should appear in print, her or his current academic or professional position and fields of research interest b) a statement that the article has not been previously published or submitted for publication elsewhere.

The Editorial Committee also welcomes short reports on research in progress, brief research notes and book reviews. To qualify for consideration, submissions must meet the scholarship standards within their discipline. Submissions accepted for consideration will be evaluated by at least two external reviewers.

To submit an article, please go to