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Media and Visual Arts Section

African art and architecture is dynamic and contributes to global art and architecture production, its study and discourses. The Media and Visual Arts Section of the Institute deals with the production of knowledge of the vibrant past, present and future Art and Architecture of the African Continent and the diaspora.

The section has MA, MPhil and PhD programmes. Courses currently taught and proposed in the section include MA. / MPhil courses such as Survey of African Art, Methodologies for Constructing Art History in Selected African Societies, Art in the City-Contemporary Art in Africa (proposed), Architectural traditions and the built environment of rural African societies (proposed). At the PhD level, some of the courses taught include Historiography of African Art and Contemporary African Art. The section attaches great importance to interdisciplinary research and learning and is made up of faculty members with expertise in the African Art History and Visual Cultures. The faculty members are Prof. Kwame Amoah Labi, Prof. Ohioma Pogoson and Dr. Irene Appeaning Addo.

Ongoing collaborative and institutional research projects being undertaken in our section include Entanglement, Mobility and Improvisation: Culture and Arts in Contemporary African Urbanism and its Hinterlands with Universities of Pretoria, Makerere and Cape Town, and a Study of Traditional Architectures of Africa.   

Extension activities led by the section include exhibitions at both the institutional level (An exhibition featuring the University of Ghana Architecture, an exhibition showcasing the Aki@80 years, Kuduo – African Brass weights) and at the international level the section will represent the Institute at the Memphis City exhibition in May 2020. Other forthcoming art exhibitions include an exhibition featuring contemporary African artists from Ghana and Nigeria. As part of the Media and Visual arts section, we have a museum, audiovisual services and photo and music archives for the study of African visual cultures.