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Religions and Philosophy Section

The Religions and Philosophy Section of the Institute researches into, and teaches the dynamics of indigenous religious cultures and philosophies in Africa. It looks at how these religions affect society and how they are affected by society. It studies religious change focusing on the emergence of foreign religions such as Islam and Christianity and their modes of spread and appropriation in Africa. It looks at how Islam and mainstream Christianity and its offshoots, namely the New Religious Movements (African Independent Churches, Pentecostal and Charismatic churches) impact on the indigenous religions and cultures and vice versa, delineating as well the conflicts and co-existence of religions and cultures in contemporary Africa. The section also looks at religion and philosophy in relation to issues such as culture, development, politics, gender, ethics, health, healing and medicine. As a multidisciplinary section, its approaches reflect the expertise of its faculty, namely sociological, anthropological, philosophical and theological.