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Invitation to a Dance Production titled Ajenuloo - Ghana Dance Ensemble

Members of the University community and the general public are hereby invited to a choreographed dance piece titled Ajenuloo (Riddles) by the Ghana Dance Ensemble, Institute of African Studies.

The production is scheduled to take place as follows:

Date: 19th -21st September 2019

Venue: Efua T. Sutherland Drama Studio

Rate: Ghc 10.00

Time: 7:00 pm each night



This choreographed dance piece, set in contemporary Ghana, takes us back on a journey into our immediate historical past to reflect on some practices that used to be the norm: practices that spoke intelligently to the Ghanaian child via the affective and psychomotor domains.The choreography highlights some of the Ghanaian and/or African modes of oral performance, cultural practices, religious, social and political implications. Ajenuloo bodily narrates the unexplainable acts embedded within our varied art forms. These myriad art forms speak to the multi dimensionalities of our cultures and the complexities they evoke as part of the aesthetics of the Ghanaian and/or African art forms. In essence, the dance piece speaks to every aspect of our lives as Ghanaians and by extension Africans. Traditionally, Ajenuloo—a Ga word for Riddles—concerns itself with creativity, witticism, and high sense of intelligence needed to unravel coded messages captured in phrases meant to intrigue the mind. For those who have lived through these periods, Ajenuloo is an opportunity to reminisce and respond to some good old riddles that used to be on our lips. For students who have lost touch with their culture due to modernity and new media technology, this dance piece becomes the window through which they can take a glimpse into our shared immediate past.

Ajenuloo Poster