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Dr. Appeaning Addo awarded 2022 Urban Studies Foundation (USF) International Fellowship.

  • Pic of Dr Appeaning Addo

Dr. Irene Appeaning Addo has won a 2022 Urban Studies Foundation (USF) International Fellowship and is currently a visiting Research Fellow at the Centre for Advancement of Scholarship, University of Pretoria, South Africa. During the fellowship, Irene will be researching and writing about everyday urbanism in the Airport City I complex in Accra, Ghana. She will explore how the everyday needs of the low-income working group are met and negotiated in a high-class urban space. As part of the fellowship, she will work on a publication which will eventually culminate into a book on Everyday urbanisms. More details of the fellowship can be found here.  

The Urban Studies Foundation is a Scottish charitable organisation founded in 2008 with the aim and objective to advance academic research and education in the field of urban studies.  

Dr. Appeaning Addo is a Senior Research Fellow and the coordinator of the Media and Visual Art Section of the Institute of African Studies. Her research interests are in Built Environment and Urban Studies using postcolonial and southern theories. Her research and publications at the Institute of Ghana, University of Ghana can also be found in this link.