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N. Laryea Akwetteh

Music and Dance

N. Laryea Akwetteh is a Ghanaian music scholar, composer and stage performer, and currently pursuing a PhD in Ethnomusicology at the University of Toronto. He holds degrees in both Music (with Drama) and African Studies from the University of Ghana, Legon. Akwetteh’s research interests include symbolisms of sound and silence in indigenous societies, music and religious ritual, African pianism, instrumental music in African contexts, and popular music in Africa. Also, Akwetteh is an experienced performer on musical instruments such as the Akan Seperewa (studied with the legendary Osei Korankye), the Lobi xylophone –gyil– (studied with Maestro Aaron Sukura Bebe), Mande Kora (with the Mande Griot Lasso Diabete), and the Korean Haegeum (studied with Jang Che Gyeon of the National Theatre of Korea). His current research projects include "How flags do more than represent national  identities: The conductorial role of the flag in Teshie Hͻmͻwͻ Festival" & "Negotiating (Sonic) Identities through Highlife Music".