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Dr. Aristedes Narh Hargoe

Lecturer, Dept. of Dance Studies and Artistic Director, Ghana Dance Ensemble
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Ghana Dance Ensemble

Aristedes Narh Hargoe (PhD) is currently a lecturer at the Department of Dance Studies, School of Performing Arts, University of Ghana, Legon. He also doubles as the Ag. Artistic Director of the Ghana Dance Ensemble of the Institute of African Studies, University of Ghana Legon. As the Ag. Artistic Director of the Ghana Dance Ensemble, he has choreographed the Ensemble to perform several repertoires both at the University of Ghana and outside the domain of the University.

He holds a PhD in Ethnomusicology from the University of Cape Coast, a Master of Fine Arts (MFA) and a Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) degrees from the University of Ghana. His research interest lies within the domain of Dance Aesthetics, Performance Studies and Semiotics. He is also interested Dance Therapy, and Dance Ethnography.

Aristedes Narh Hargoe has extensive experience working with children with special needs (children living with hearing impairment and autism). He also has a decade of experience teaching children La Four Prima and Royal Academy of Dance (RAD) Ballet syllabus at the Pippa’s Health Center, a private Ballet Dance Academy in Ghana. He also works with African Women’s Development fund (AWDF) on their Dance and Wellness program.


Sept. 27-30, 2021       Moderator for 3 sessions at International Association of Audiovisual Archives (IASA) 2021                                      conference held virtually across four time zones. Theme: Closing the gap for a new                                                generation of sound and audiovisual archives.


Sept. 20-24, 2021       Led Ghana Dance Ensemble to perform for the opening ceremony of 3rd Kwame                                                    Nkrumah Festival Themed Pan Africanism, Feminism and the Next Generation, Liberating                                      the Cultural Economy.


Feb 6-7, 2020             Presented a paper titled “I speak with my body because I am a dancer: Pragmatics and                                          the Performing Arts” at the 1st African Pragmatic conference held at the University of                                              Ghana (Reginald Amonoo Building, Maison Francaise).


Sept. 27, 2019             “When the Gods come home: Interrogating performance, performative and performativity                                        in Klama”. A presentation made at the School of Performing Arts Seminar series.


Aug. 21, 2019             “Researching Dance, Ritual and Arts: The researcher’s conundrum”. A presentation made                                        to graduate students of the Dept. of Dance Studies, Univ. of Ghana.


March 21, 2019          “Afԑonͻ hisi nԑ ayԑ pumi: Dangme Aesthetic principles through the lens of Klama                                                     Religious Dance”. Department of Dance Studies’ seminar series.


Sept. 3rd-6th, 2018      Presented a paper at the University of Cape Coast’s 3rd Faculty of Arts Colloquium                                                 series, themed: Attaining the SDGs 4 and 15: The role of the Humanities.


Aug. 12, 2018             2nd International Council for Traditional Music study group of African Musics Symposium                                        on the Theme “African Music Scholarship in the 21st Century: Challenges and Directions”

                                  Paper: Singing as Mediation between gods and Men: The Life and Practice of a Bard       (Kpalͻ) in Gbugbla.

April, 6-8, 2017          School of Performing Arts International Conference. 

                                    Theme: Interdisciplinarity in the Arts, Academy and Industry. Paper: “Dangme                                                  (Gbugbla) Moonlit Night Performances: A Creative Tool for Contemporary Creative                                                   Artistes”

March, 21-23, 2016   2nd University of Cape Coast Faculty of Arts Colloquium. Theme: The Humanities and                                            Indigenous Knowledge in Health. Paper: “Klama Music and Dance: Wellbeing and                                              Communitas”.

Aug. 2014- Jul. 17     Departmental Seminar presentations as part of my Ph.D. program.


Oct. 27, 2011              A one-day workshop programme on Theatre in Schools.

         Venue: University of Ghana. The programme was organized by the School of                               Performing Arts (Ghana), Theatre Spiel and BAG (Germany), and Theatre for                       Change (Ghana).

         Paper: “Pursuing Dance in Education: The Deaf, Dance and Sensory Games”.