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3rd Kwame Nkrumah Festival

The festival pursues pan-Africanist visions of self-reliance and liberation through culture, science and technology, on behalf of all African people, irrespective of gender, age, class, ethnicity and religion. It seeks to redress unfavorable terms of trade, that devalue the continent and its peoples while extracting its wealth and appropriating, and commodifying African culture and impoverishing our artisans, industries and creatives.

The 3rd Kwame Nkrumah Festival will provide a vibrant platform dedicated to there organization of African cultural and economic infrastructure so that the vast cultural and material resources of the continent benefit African people. By focusing on the creativity of women, the youth, and other habitually marginalized communities, participants will critically reconsider the meaning and definition African cultural assets, and challenge the global corporate interests that devalue and marginalize Africa’s collective interests.

The 5-day festival will be digitally curated and broadcast live, with a view to strengthening African cultural industries, livelihoods, intellectual property rights, cooperative economic strategies, business models, and intra-regional trade relations.

  • Symposiums and political debates
  • Performances and exhibitions of dance, art, the latest styles and fashions
  • Demonstrations of inventions and technological innovations
  • Presentations by pan-African feminist, youth and other 21st century movements contributing to positive change.
  • An accredited vendor marketplace

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