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Irene Appeaning Addo holds a Phd in Geography and Resource Development from the University of Ghana, Legon, a MSc. in Housing and Inner City Revitalisation from the Institute of Housing and Urban Development Studies, Rotterdam and University of Delaware, Delaware, USA, and a Post Graduate Diploma in Architecture from the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, Kumasi. She is a member of the Ghana Institute of Architects. Since January 2015, Irene, has worked as a Research Fellow at the Institute of African Studies, University of Ghana. She co-teaches the following courses; African Art, Its Philosophy And Criticism, and Culture and Development (undergraduate courses), Gender and Development in African Societies, Survey of African Art, and Water Resources, Livelihoods and Development in Africa (Graduate level).


Book chapters
Appeaning Addo, I., (2014). Urban Low Income Housing Development in Ghana: Politics, Policy and Challenges (Chapter 6) in Miguel P. Amado (Ed) "Urban Planning: Practices, Challenges and Benefits". Nova Science Publishers.
Biney, I. K., Appeaning Addo, I. & Abu, M., (2014). The Effect of the 1987 Education Reforms on Youth Unemployment in Ghana: An Exploratory Study in Coleen Roscoe (Ed) "Ghana: Social, Economic and Political Issues". Pp.295-312. Nova Science Publishers
Appeaning Addo, I., Codjoe, S.N.A. et al., (2014). Knowledge Management Systems and Education for Building Smallholder Resilience to Climate Change (Chapter IV) in Ademola Braimoh (Ed). "The Africa Agriculture Status Report 2014: The Effects of Climate Change on Smallholder Farmers in Sub-Saharan Africa". Alliance for a Green Revolution in Africa (AGRA).
Journal Publications
Appeaning Addo, I., (accepted). Housing maintenance in multi-habited low income houses in some communities in Accra: Policy implications. Property Management, Emerald Insight. DOI: PM-04-2015-0017
Addo, I. A., (2015). Assessing residential satisfaction in multihabitation in Greater Accra Metropolitan Area (GAMA). Urban Studies. Pp. 1-20 DOI: 10.1177/0042098015571055 Sage Publication
Addo, I. A. (2013). Perceptions and Acceptability of Multihabitation as an Urban Low Income Housing Strategy in Greater Accra Metropolitan Area, Ghana. Urban Forum Volume 24, Issue 4, Pp 543-571. DOI: 10.1007/S12132-013-9192-2 Springer Netherlands.
Appeaning Addo, I., & Codjoe, S. C. (under review). Exploring the link between fisher folks' experiential knowledge and climate variability in an urban coastal community in Accra. Indilinga
Appeaning Addo, K. & Appeaning Addo, I., (under review). Coastal Erosion Management in Ghana: Combining Local Knowledge with Empirical Research. Journal of Coastal Research and Management, Springer
Conference proceedings
Irene Appeaning Addo (2013). Sharing, Cooperation and Conflicts: Multihabitation as an Urban Low Income Housing Strategy in Accra In: Laryea, S. and Agyepong, S. (Eds) Proceedings of 5th West Africa Built Environment Research (WABER) Conference, 12-14 August 2013, Accra, Ghana, pp. 977-992.


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  11. Revitalising Elmina's local economy through tourism and the renovation of old housing stock (2001 – 2002).
  12. Housing accommodation for workers on transit to the Northern Regions of Ghana (1996 – 1998).
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