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Dr. Edward Nanbigne is a Research Fellow in African literature and drama and is presently Head of the Language, Literature and Drama Section of the Institute of African Studies. He holds PhD and MPhil degrees both in African Studies, and a Bachelor of Arts (Art) degree all from the University of Ghana, Legon. He also obtained a Diploma in English from the Advanced Teacher Training College (now University of Education, Winneba).Dr Nanbigne is a member of the Publications Committee and an Editorial Board member of the Contemporary Journal of African Studies, previously known as Research Review of the IAS. From 2006 to 2007, he acted as Co-ordinator of the NUFU Programme on "Globalisation and Changes in the Cultures of Survival and Care" at the Institute of African Studies.

Dr. Nanbigne's research interests are in discourse, literature and oral literature in African societies especially among the Dagaaba. He has researched and presented papers, some of which include; "When we drink, then we think': Drinking and Discourse in North Western Ghana," (a paper presented at the Dept of English, Rhodes University, Grahamstown, South Africa). "Praise and Dispraise: Dagaare Praise songs and dirges", a study which examines the use of praise poetry and the arts of social criticism among the Dagaaba. As a post-doctoral project with sponsorship from the AHP/ACLS, he is researching Dagaare discourse in the social context of drinking of sorghum beer (pito), the myths of pito, language use during the drinking event, and protocols during the different social contexts of pito drinking. (Target- A published monograph). In collaboration with Prof. Esi Sutherland-Addy, he is involved in a project on folktales, "Shall I tell you or Shall I not tell you?" which includes the creation of an Archive of Ghanaian Folktales, with support from the Office of Research, Innovation and Development of the University of Ghana. He is also involved in other collaborative researches on Dagomba chiefly praise poetry, Dagomba musketeers, innovative transportation systems, and discourse on pito drinking in North-Western Ghana among others.

Dr. Nanbigne teaches students both at the undergraduate and graduate levels and also the Calvin College semester abroad Programme at IAS. Some of the graduate level courses include; African Oral Literature: An Introduction, Drama in African Societies, and Research Methods (co-taught with other Fellows).

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