Kambon Obadele


Dr. Obadele Kambon is a Research Fellow in the Language, Literature and Drama section of the Institute of African Studies, University of Ghana. He holds a PhD degree in Linguistics from The University of Ghana – Legon where he earned the prestigious 2012/2013 Vice Chancellor's Award for the Outstanding Doctoral Dissertation in the Humanities; he holds two MA degrees in Linguistics and African Languages and Literature, respectively, from the University of Wisconsin - Madison; and a BA degree in African American Studies from Morehouse College, graduating Magna Cum Laude (Hons).
Dr. Kambon's interests include Nominalization of Serial Verbs; Functional-Typological Linguistics focusing on Serial Verb Constructions (SVCs) in African languages; Word formation processes in African Languages; Historical Linguistics focusing on reconstructions of Proto-Benue-Kwa; African proverbs in social discourse; Second Language Acquisition; African Language Pedagogy; African Language Curriculum and Resource Development; Issues of Translation in African Languages; African Language Poetry and Oral Literature; and African Languages in the Atlantic World. He has presented his research findings at various seminars and international conferences.
Dr. Obadele Kambon is a member of the Linguistics Association of Ghana (LAG) for which he has developed, hosted and maintained the organization's website (laghana.org). He is also a member of the African Studies Association of Africa (ASAA).
He is personally involved in the teaching of African languages (Akan (Twi), Yoruba and Wolof) in Ghana and online and runs an organization with over 6,000 members which offers additional languages including Hieroglyphics, Ewe, Ga and Kiswahili.


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