Awedoba Albert K.


Born in Tamale, Northern Ghana, Awedoba is a professor (full) at the Institute of African Studies, University of Ghana. Educated in linguistics and social anthropology at the Universities of Ghana and Oxford, England, Awedoba, holds a D.Phil. (Oxon) in Social Anthropology. He has taught at both graduate and undergraduate levels and supervised a number of student dissertations including doctorates and masters theses.

His research interests include sanitation and health issues (Acute Respiratory Infections, Onchocerciasis, trachoma, among others); oral literatures of some Northern Ghanaian communities - Kasena Riddles and Proverbs; Primary school education in Ghana; Chieftaincy, governance and development; Understanding Corruption in Ghana; Northern Region Conflicts and Response Mechanisms; Reproductive health and family planning, and Kasem Grammar and Phonology etc.

He has been visiting researcher/Professor at a number of universities. He was Takemi Research Fellow, HSPH, Harvard University (1997-8); visiting researcher, Univ. of Trondheim (NTNU), Norway (2005 and 2009); Univ. of Bergen, Norway (2006); Univ. of Tromso, Norway (2009); visiting professor at the Wolfgang Goethe University, Frankfurt, Germany (2008); Univ. of Winneba (2000). Was awarded a Rockefeller Foundation Residency at the Rockefeller Cntre at Bellagio, Italy in 2012.

He has been external examiner for the following institutions: Univ. of Cape Coast Inst. of Education, 1988-1992, UCC African Studies Dept. (2006-2009); Polytechnics of Ghana (NABPTEX African Studies programmes (2003-2008); Univ. of Education, Winneba (1993-date), Univ. of Trondheim (NTNU), Norway (2011), and an external Assessor (Professorship) in three Universities (two Ghanaian and one Sierra Leonean), one Associate professorship (Ghanaian) and one Senior Lecturership (Ghanaian).

He has served on National Accreditation Board (NAB) accreditation panels – B.Sc. Tourism (KNUST) and B.A Tourism, University of Cape Coast; African Studies Programmes: Asheshi University and Cape Coast University.

Among institutions for which he served as consultant are the following: WHO, OCP/APOC, UNFPA, UNIDIR (Acute Respiratory Illnesses; Onchocerciasis; Trachoma; Community Directed Treatment; Migration and Onchocerciasis in the Lower Volta; Family Planning and Reproductive Health)

Books written/edited 8: Including Kasena proverbs (2000), Kasena Riddles (2010), Kasem Phonology (2002), Ethnographical Study of Northern Ghanaian Conflicts (2010). UGRC 220 Culture and Development. Legon: Institute of Continuing and Distance Education (2013); Cultural Sensitivity and Programming: The Case of Ghana-UNFPA (2008). Publications in journals 32; Publications in books 11; Research reports 6 and several unpublished items. He edited UNIVERSITAS, University of Ghana Inter-Faculty Journal (2006-8) and was Editor-in-Chief Research Review. He is currently the editor of the Contemporary Journal of African Studies.


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