Amanor,Kojo S.


Kojo Amanor is a Professor at the Institute of African Studies. His main research interests are in the land question, smallholder agriculture, agribusiness food chains, forestry policy, environment, and participatory methodologies for rural development. His current research is on the political economy of cereal crops in Ghana, farmer management of soils and agribusiness chains. He has published widely in these fields. This includes: Contesting Land and custom in Ghana: State, chief and citizen, Leiden: Leiden University Press, 2008, edited with Janine Ubink; land and Sustainable Development in Africa, London: Zed, 2008, edited with Sam Moyo; Land labour and the Family in Southern Ghana: A critique of land policy under neo-liberalisation, Nordic Institute of African Studies, Research Report no. 116, Uppsala, 2001; Global restructuring and land rights in Ghana: Forest food chains, timber and rural livelihoods, Nordic Institute of African Studies, Research Report 108, Uppsala, 1999; The Management of Trees on Farms: The perspectives of farmers, Kumasi: Ghana Forestry Department, 1996; The New Frontier: Farmers' responses to land degradation. A West African case study, UNRISD: Geneva and Zed Press: London, 1994, and Cultivating Knowledge: Genetic diversity, farmer experimentation and crop research, IT, London 1993, edited with Walter de Boef, Kate Wellard and Anthony Bebbington. Recent journal articles published include: "Family Values, Land Sales and Agricultural Commodification in South-East Ghana" Africa 80(1) 2010, pp.104-125; and "Global Food Chains, African Smallholders and World Bank Governance" Journal of Agrarian Change, 9(2) 2009:247-262.

Kojo Amanor is on the advisory editorial boards of Africa (Journal of the International Africa Institute) and Journal of Agrarian Change. He works with the Futures Agricultural Consortium. He has been an International Institute of Environment and Development (IIED) International Fellow. He is on the Boards of ISODEC and the African Institute of Agrarian Studies.
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