Aidoo,Kojo Opoku

KOJO OPOKU AIDOO - Senior Research Fellow and Coordinator, History and Politics

Kojo Opoku Aidoo received his Ph.D. in political science from the University of Ghana (2003) where he specialized in Critical and Democratic Theory, Political Liberalism, Afro Politics, and Political Economy of African Development. His scholarship examines how ingrained informal institutions of neopatrimonial governance bear a heavy, though far from exclusive, responsibility for the low issue participation in emerging democracies, focusing on Anglophone Africa. Opoku Aidoo is presently Senior Research Fellow and Coordinator of the Politics and History Section at the Institute of African Studies, University of Ghana. He has earlier held academic appointments at the Ghana Institute of Journalism and the Institute of Development Studies at University of Cape Coast, and been a visiting scholar at the Zhejiang University, Jinhua, China.

In 2008, Opoku Aidoo published his first book, Political Stability in Ghana. This was followed by his second, Political Participation, Governance and Neopatrimonial Rule in Africa: The Case Study of Ghana-(1990-2000), which was developed out of his PhD thesis. In addition, he has been researching, writing and publishing in the areas of democratization, good governance, the military in politics, Pan Africanism and regional integration, human security and pro-poor growth. He has also researched food security issues, and the political construction of the global food crisis, and supervised graduate students working on these areas. Currently, Opoku Aidoo is engaged in two major research projects. First, he is revising a manuscript entitled 'Africa: Post-coloniality and Development Theories', which blends neo-colonial history and the production of political and development ideas to demonstrate social science as imperialism. Second, he is, in collaboration with Professor Haifang of Beijing University and Shaonan Liu of Michigan State University, investigating 'Africans' Perceptions of Chinese Migrants in Nigeria, Ghana and Tanzania', which seeks to unearth where China stands on popular perception in Africa. These research activities aside, Dr Opoku Aidoo has been presenting a significant number of papers at conferences in Africa, North America and Asia and has built a respectable list of publications. In his leisure time, Dr Opoku Aidoo plays chess.



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