Music and Dance Section

Master's Degree Specifics
The music section offers courses in ethnomusicology at the master's and the at the PhD Level. The masters' degree in ethnomusicology builds upon a music bachelor's degree and its fundamentals. It prepares you to master music as an educational discipline. The master's degree in ethnomusicology takes mastery of musical theory leading to the understanding of ethnic music, its history and its musical origins. Master's degree training in ethnomusicology blends the conventional music knowledge base with that of ethnic history and its musical aspects.
Students study the history of music in Ghana and the music of other African cultures as well as the Diaspora. Music through different times, for example the pre-colonial era, the colonial and the contemporary are explored. Great composers and musicians of these periods are also explored and studied

Career Opportunities

  • Music Teacher
  • College Tutor
  • Private Music Instructor

The section also offers an introductory music course for undergraduate students as a requirement for their degree programme. Students who offer this course are therefore not necessarily music students. It is thus a programme for students of the Sciences, the Arts, Sociology, Geography etc.


Dr. Godwin Kwafo Adjei, Research Fellow.
Dr. Nii Moses Dortey, Research Fellow and Coordinator, Music and Dance Section
Mr. Benjamin Obido Ayettey, Artistic Director
Mr. Zakariah Abdallah Zablong, Tutor