Language, Literature and Drama Section

The Section mounts two graduate seminars a total of four graduate seminars per year. A selection is made from among the following :

  • AFST 607: African Oral Literature
  • AFST 608: Topics in African Oral Literature
  • AFST 609: Drama in African Society
  • AFST 610: African Theatre
  • AFST 611: African Literary Traditions
  • AFST 612: Trends in African Literature

For the required undergraduate African Studies Course the section offers two courses: AFST 240 Our African Heritage Through Literature and AFST 290 African Drama. The fellows of the section also contribute to courses offered to international programmes hosted by the university of Ghana. They also support the Institute and the University in the organisation of conferences and ceremonies.


Professor Esi Sutherland-Addy, Associate Professor
Dr. Mercy Akrofi Ansah, Senior Research Fellow
Dr. Edward Nanbigne, Research Fellow and Research Coordinator of the Section
Dr. Obadele Kambon, Research Fellow