African Popular Culture

Lecturer: Dr. Owusu Brempong
Assuming a sociological perspective, this course will examine Traditional Festivals and Funeral Ceremonies as two components of 'African Popular Culture'. It will pay particular attention to social conflicts in them and their social roles in Africa. The course conveniently falls into two parts:
  • 1st and 2nd Weeks Examination of sociological concepts to be used in the course; Definition, classification and structure of traditional festivals.
-Basic Reading: Reading List Nos. 5,6,16,18 and 19 in addition to students' own sources
  • 3rd Week Detailed examination of examples of traditional festivals chosen from different black African countries beginning with the Odwira Festival of Ghana.

-Basic Reading: Reading List Nos. 4,18, 19, etc.

  • 4th Week The Masqual Festival of Ethiopia

-Basic Reading: Reading List Nos. 9,13,14 etc.

  • 5th Week The Apoo Festivals of Wenchi, Takyiman and Nkoranza people of the Brong Ahafo Region of Ghana.

-Basic Reading: Reading List Nos. 16, 17 etc.

  • 6th Week The Olojo festival of Ife, Nigeria

-Basic Reading Reading List No. 26

  • 7th Week The Harvest Festival of the Sonjo of Tanzania

-Basic Reading Reading List No. 11

  • 8th Week Harvest and Thanksgiving Festival of Mashona of Malawi and Farming Ritual or Uri Festival of the Kingdom of Congo in Zaire

-Basic Reading Reading List No. 2

  • 9th & 10th Weeks Examination of Social Conflicts in the Social Roles of Traditional Festivals.

-Basic Reading Reading List Nos. 5,6,16,20,25, 8, 10,& 19.

1st and 2nd Weeks Detailed description of the ideas about human personality and beliefs concerning the dead and how these are reflected in the funeral rites of the Asantes of Ghana.
Basic Reading Reading List Nos. 4,5, 20 etc.

3rd & 4th Weeks The notions held by the Bantu of Western Kenya (i.e. the Vugus and Logoli) and how the notions are reflected in the funeral rites of the Asante of Ghana.
Basic Reading Reading List No. 25

5th and 6th Weeks Death of Kings In Egypt
Basic Reading Reading List No. 23

7 th & 8 th Weeks An examination of similar elements found in the funeral rites of several ethnic groups in difference parts of Africa.
Basic Reading Reading List Nos. 1,15,22,23,24 etc.

9 th & 10 th Weeks An Examination of Social Conflicts and Social Rites of African Funeral Ceremonies
Basic Reading Reading List Nos. 5,6,16,20,25, etc.


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