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Graduate Programme Overview

The graduate programme in African Studies aims to foster critical thinking among students and to equip them with the resources, tools and methods for an enhanced understanding and appreciation of issues pertinent to African cultures and societies and their development, and to be able to initiate and conduct research in different domains of African Studies. All students are admitted on MA basis and those who excel in the First year course work continue as M.Phil Students.

MA and M.Phil students are offered the same courses with the exception of Seminar II (AFST 650) which is offered to M.Phil students in the second year.

The Courses available for study are the following:


Course Code Course Title Credits
AFST 601 Research Methods 4
AFST613  Social and Political Systems in Africa  3


AFST 603                   Theories of Development in Africa                                        3

AFST 605                   Government and Politics in Early Post Independent Africa  3            

AFST 607                   Africa Oral Literature: An Introduction                                 3

AFST 609                   Drama in African Societies                                                    3

AFST 611                   African Literary Traditions                                                    3

AFST 615                   Traditional Religions in Africa                                              3

AFST 617                   Traditional African Music                                                      3

AFST 621                   African Historiography and Methodology                             3                       

AFST 623                   The Slave Trade and Africa                                                   3

AFST 625                   Coastal States in Ghana in the Seventeenth Century             3

AFST 631                   Culture and Gender in African Studies                                  3

AFST 633                   Survey of African Art                                                             3           

AFST 641                   African Family Studies                                                          3


AFST 602                   Advanced Research Methods                                                 3

AFST 604                   Issues in African Development                                              3

AFST 606                   The Military in African Politics                                             3           

AFST 608                   Topics in African Oral Literature                                          3

AFST 610                   African Theatre                                                                      3

AFST 612                   Trends in African Literature                                                  3

AFST 616                   Islam and Christianity in Africa                                             3

AFST 618                   African Music in Contemporary Perspective                         3                       

AFST 622                   Ghana since 1945                                                                   3

AFST 623                   The Slave Trade and Africa                                                   3

AFST 624                   History of Pan- Africanism                                                    3

AFST 626                   Colonial Rule and African Responses                                    3

AFST 628                   Islam and Christianity in Africa                                             3

AFST 632                   Gender and Development in African Studies                        3

AFST 634                   Methodologies for Constructing Art History in African        3


AFST 636                   Rural Development, Environment and Modernity in Africa 3


MA/M.Phil students are required to participate actively including making presentations at the Institute’s seminars.

AFST 640                   Seminar  1

AFST 650                   Seminar  11


Total minimum credit hours required to complete the graduate course in African Studies are as follows:


Course Work                                                  -                                               25 credits

Seminar                                                          -                                                 3 credits

Dissertation                                                    -                                               12 credits

Total Minimum credits required                    -                                               40 credits

M. Phil

Course Work                                                  -                                               25 credits

Seminar  1                                                       -                                                 3 credits

Seminar  11                                                     -                                                 3 credits

Thesis                                                             -                                               30 credits

Total Minimum credits required                    -                                                61 credits


All students in a Department or Programme at this level are expected to attend all seminars specified and be made to give at least one seminar on a review article which, may or may not be in their area of intended research.  This should be in the first semester.

In the second semester, each student should make a presentation on his/her dissertation proposal and also attend all seminars at the Department.  Both presentations should be graded using a common format designed and should earn each student a total of 3 credits.