Peter de Marco

I pursued a MA at IAS for the 2008-09 academic year. I focused on agricultural policy. My thesis addressed perspectives on the global food crisis within Ghana. For me the most exciting part about IAS is the intellectual cross-pollination that it promotes among students and professors with different academic specialties. In a less integrated program, the connections between a sociology course in kinship and a political science course on the military might go unnoticed. But at IAS, the small class sizes, accessible professors, and the Institute's encouragement of the open exchange of ideas spurs students to forge unexpected links among their readings and their research. There are also great opportunities to partner with faculty. Dr. Aidoo and I co-published a note in the Institute's *Research Review* about the relationship between neopatrimonialism and coup d'tat. Since leaving IAS, I've worked for a nonprofit organization in the US that helps low-income workers find employment. I'm hoping to re-engage issues introduced to me at IAS, particularly land use and agriculture policy, when I start law school next fall.

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