Michael Pervarah

I was offered admission in 2006 to pursue an MA/Mphil in African Studies at the Institute of African Studies, Legon. The choice of courses, particularly the optional once, was shredded in myths and misconception but my goal was to engage in real academic rigor to build capacities to face the intricacies of life. Therefore I choose to do Culture & Gender in African Societies, Government & Politics in Africa and Religions in Africa, for the first semester. For the second semester, I choose Gender & Development in African societies, Theories & Strategies for Development in Africa, Colonial Rule and African Response, and Advance Research Methods. In addition, I took on a borrowed course - Programme Planning and Evaluation - from the Institute of Adult Education, Legon.

My experience at the Institute of African Studies was quite inspiring but challenging. I passed the B+ threshold to pursue an Mphil programme after the First Year and was offered the opportunity as Graduate Assistant to Profs. Takyiwa Manuh and Akosua Adomako Ampofo in 2007. Whilst writing my thesis and performing my role as Graduate Assistant, I indeed took up a teaching appointment with the Institute of Adult Education as a part-time tutor on the Distance Learning Programme.

The Third Year was quite remarkable and refreshing for me as I was retained as Graduate Assistant to Prof. Akosua Adomako Ampofo in 2008. It was a new learning experience for me to under study my mentor and appreciate the hard work of successful people. Her ingenuity made me a proud co-author of a publication in the Culture, Society & Masculinity, Vol. 1, Issue 1, title "Phallic Competence: Fatherhood and the Making of Men in Ghana". Furthermore, I was appointed the Academic Coordinator in the Trent-in-Ghana Programme for 2008/2009 which indeed offered me the opportunity to interact with faculty members from other Departments and Senior Research Fellows at IAS.

In December 2009, ACDEP (an NGO in Tamale) offered me a job as Training Specialist on the Agricultural Development and Value Enhancement (ADVANCE) project – a 4-Year USAID sponsored project awarded to ACDI/VOCA and being implemented by ACDEP in the three Northern Regions (Northern, Upper East & Upper West). I was later made the Northern Regional Programme Officer the fourth month of probation period and subsequently made the Team Leader of 15 staffs implementing the ADVANCE project in the Northern, Upper East and Upper West Regions. My role is to supervise, coordinate, and provide technical backstopping and strategic direction to the implementation of the ADVANCE project.

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