Korklu Laryea

I chose to use part of my one-and-a-half years Sabbatical to study. And I chose IAS because I wanted to learn something new. I had been working as a librarian at the Johannes Zimmermann Library of the Akrofi-Christaller Institute in Akropong-Akuapem for twelve years and needed a break. The Institute is a theological one and I had to work with lots of material in that field. But it also meant I had to know Africa since theology is very much contextual. Listening to lectures and sitting in at seminars, I realized my knowledge of Africa needed deepening. I therefore chose to take the History and Literature courses. History, because I had enjoyed how some lecturers at A-CI who had made it come alive and contextual, thus making issues more meaningful. I chose Literature because I have always enjoyed it and did not need 'A' Level or a first degree in it to study it.
But I also wanted to be steeped in Librarianship and Information Studies. At IAS, I could learn something new, deepen my understanding of Africa and contribute to an often neglected aspect of information source – ephemera. My time in IAS was timely and well spent. I would have sat in other courses (the Gender classes for example) just to be educated had there been more time. I found the class size just right and the electives I took practical. Knowing that whatever contribution I made counted in my final score was a great encouragement. If I have to take another short course to deepen my knowledge of Africa without writing exams (I dread them!) but could do write-ups and seminar presentations, I will chose IAS again. I am back at the J Zimmermann Library and wish to continue researching in Library and Information Studies and African Studies.

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