Gifty Dzah

I enjoyed my study time at IAS. The courses were practical and made me feel very African. I liked the fact that the institute admitted students of different backgrounds; I had course mates of varied backgrounds...lawyer, advertiser, Reverend, teacher, activists, and drama productions director among others and this always made coursework very interesting because we had the opportunity to use our background experiences and thoughts in our presentations.

You can't go wrong with African history because you would definitely be sent round Ghana; from National Archives to slave routes and castles and its fun!
My gender class was always lively; that is if we (students) managed to finish reading the numerous pieces we were always given before a class. We had to write think pieces and they made you think!
I would on any given day study both my research methods and advance research courses again! Why? Because after school I made some money from being a researcher!

Looking back, I am glad I accepted to do an MPhil... but I was not happy to go for what had become the 'norm' extension. However, am I not glad I finished my thesis and graduated anyway!
Thanks IAS!

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