Emmanuel Sackey

Currently serves as the Director of the Ghana National Association of the Deaf. Prior to the last appointment I was a research and Information officer at the Ghana Federation of the Disabled.

In sum the nature of my job centers around, Disability Right Advocacy, Project Management, Research and Publication, Fund Raising and some element of Public Relations.

While my interest in academia still lingers on, my personal experience with disability has enthused some emotional attachment to my present endeavor.

My experience(s) at IAS

I enjoyed every bit of my studies at the Institute. Besides the Friendly and approachable disposition of our lecturers, IAS also runs my favorite courses.

Favorite courses

  • Theories and Strategies for Development in Africa
  • Issues in African Development
  • The Military in African Politics
  • Gender and development in Africa

Joys, pains, advice for new students

I remain very grateful to IAS for granting me the opportunity to research into Land Guards and Social Conflict in Ghana. To all current students I say that the nature of academic work calls for commitment, discipline and patience. Certainly nothing could be more relevant to academic progress than hard work. Yet choosing the right courses or going to the field one naturally belongs is paramount.

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