Strategic Plan

  1. We shall draw on our core strengths of a diversity of disciplines and experience to develop and refine methodologies for the study of Africa
  2. Develop innovative approaches to teaching and learning about Africa
  3. Collaborate with similar centres on the continent and elsewhere in order to deepen our understanding of Africa in all its complexity and evolve common perspectives on global issues
  4. Strengthen relationships between academic and indigenous intellectuals as the basis for reclaiming African knowledges and reintegrate these into the academy and the community
  5. Establish and environment for a flourishing study and debate on African languages, arts, philosophies, social and political systems through our extension work
  6. Enhance the character of UG as an African university and enrich University of Ghana's intellectual and cultural life
  7. Contribute to the discussion, analyses and resolution of critical developmental challenges facing African societies through our research, teaching and extension work